Jersey Athlete
Sports Group
Team & Player Evaluations

Having an independent yet qualified evaluator, not connected with the team or individuals involved means a neutral perspective is given.

Team Evaluations: 
The purpose of game day evaluations for teams is to allow the coach to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole.  From  the evaluation, either the teams coach or trainer can develop a training plan for the season to work on areas highlighted for improvement.

Individual Player Evaluations:
The purpose of a player evaluation for an individual is to provide the parents with a tool for guidance when considering supplemental, private training  for their child. The areas highlighted for development will indicate the type of supplemental training required, whether it be speed and agility  or  endurance training or specific technical training.

Areas of Evaluation:
Attacking Play Strengths  & Weaknesses 
Defensive Play Strengths & Weaknesses 
Transition Periods (Team)
Positional Awareness (Individual)
    Cost Structure:
    For evaluations within 10 miles of Chester, NJ: 
    Individual Evaluation: $20
    Team Evaluation: $35

    For evaluations outside 10 miles of Chester, NJ, please contact us for pricing. 

    After the evaluation has been complete, directions are given on where focus on development should be placed. Jersey Athlete  Sports Group has  trainers available to work with the team/player outside of regular practice on the areas highlighted  for improvement from the evaluation.