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Having a well qualified, experienced professional trainer work with your team can help motivate players, increase learning at practice and improve a team’s performance on the field. Jersey Athlete Sports Group can offer your team the consistency of a year round trainer who is experienced and qualified to work with your particular age group.

Many training organizations believe all trainers are equally skilled to work with all levels of player, old or young, male or female. Jersey Athlete follow a different philosophy; we believe individual trainers have unique experiences and teaching methods that better suit certain age groups.

Jersey Athlete will match a team to a trainer with the specific skill set, personality and experience that will bring out the best in the players of that age, level and gender. Along side this, the philosophy of Jersey Athlete holds that different types of practice are required to make training sessions the most productive at the varying age groups.

All training sessions incorporate individual technical, unopposed practice, small sided, or overloaded 
 games (e.g. 5v2) before ending with a scrimmage full sided scrimmage.

The coach remains involved with the scrimmage and the scrimmage time is used to help players understand their roles and positions on the field depending on the play. T
he time spent on each of the three progressions of practice will differ with each age group to better suit their stage of development


Jersey Athlete is available to work with teams of all abilities, recreation, intramural, or travel.

Recreation Teams

If you would be interested in having Jersey Athlete work with your team, please email us.