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Summer Camps 2013

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Tennis Camps:
Professional Tennis Training is offered through Jersey Athlete's partnership with PTA Tennis; a Tennis Training Organization, based out of the Tennis & Swim Club, with over 20 years experience training youth Tennis players. 

Soccer Camps: 
Professional Soccer Training is offered through Jersey Athlete's partnership with Give n Go Soccer. Trainers from Give n Go Soccer, based in Morris Plains, have extensive experience working with young players both in the US and the UK.

Lacrosse Camps:  
Lacrosse camps are suitable for beginner and intermediate level players. LAX camps are ran by local qualified LAX coaches who we partner with. 
Tennis and Soccer

This camp is for 7-14 year olds, any level of soccer / tennis player is 
welcome. The camp day is broken down to include professional soccer and tennis training, lunch & break time and multi-sports activities to end the day. 

 Location  Mount Olive Middle School
 Dates  July 29-Aug 2    Aug 5-9    Aug 12-15   
 Times  9-3pm
 Ages  7-14 years
 Cost  $200

Soccer Training is courtesy of Give n Go Soccer
 and Professional Tennis Training is courtesy of PTA

 Soccer and Multi-Sports 

Jersey Athletes Multi-Sports Camp offers activities for all ages and abilities to 
give your child a fun  and memorable summer experience. 

All activities are led by  qualified sports coaches. 

Each day includes professional Soccer training in the morning and after lunch, Multi-Sport activities include, Tennis, Basketball, Tag Football & Team Activities.

 Location  Mount Olive Middle School
 Dates  July 29-Aug 2    Aug 5-9    Aug 12-15
 Times  9-12pm* or 9-3pm
 Ages  5-14 years 
 Cost  $120 for 9-12pm      $175 for 9-3pm

  Lacrosse and MultiSport

The LAX camp is suitable for beginners and intermediate level players aged

8-12 years. The camp focuses on teaching and 
developing the fundamental skills of the game.

Each day includes fun team challenges and small group games. All players are required to bring their own LAX equipment (Ball/Stick/Mouth Gaurd if Required). 

 Location  Mount Olive Middle School
 Dates  July 29-Aug 2    Aug 5-9    Aug 12-15
 Times  9-12pm or 9-3pm
 Ages  7-14 yrs
 Cost  $150 9-12pm  / $200 9-3pm

 LAX Training is Provided 
by Local LAX Trainers