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Coach Development

The Youth Coach Development (YCD) program has been created to extend opportunities within the sport to young players. This not only includes playing opportunities but mentoring, coaching and refereeing as well. 

We recognize that players, regardless of their ability on the field, love the sport and want to extend their participation in soccer beyond what can be offered by playing alone. 

The goal of the YCD program is to encourage long term participation in soccer, to help young players gain the tools to continue involvement in the sport long past youth travel soccer. We would like to create a development community that will see young players supported and taught by players from the elder teams. In turn, elder players will be provided with opportunities for summer employment and internships. 

The YCD is open to players aged U14 - U19 for both boys and girls.

Parent Coach Development

The Parent Coach Development (PCD) program is designed to provide guidance and advice to parents actively involved in coaching youth soccer players at any age or level.

The focus of the PCD program is to help parent coaches understand how best to structure practice, what key areas they should focus on and how to go about correcting mistakes that occur with their specific age groups. 

All parent coaches of teams are volunteers, stepping up to make a difference in their town and with their child's team. Along side the rewards that come with this role, many challenges arise as well and the PCD program is also designed to assist coaches handle problems.

The PCD program runs for 5 weeks and operates in partnership with a club or township.